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Veronika's Pantry

Hi y'all! We had the pleasure of teaming up with Houston Blogger Veronika Javor. She was such a joy to work with. From welcoming us into her home, to being so involved in the process. Read on to find out our fun!

We began with two virtual meetings. The first meeting was to discuss overall goals, and to get a scope of how long the project would take. The second meeting we discussed design options! We shared with Veronika a few of the storage items we had in mind for her space.

Next up we scheduled our day together. We have to say Veronika was AMAZING with this. In order to make the best of our time together. She washed all jars, took everything out of her pantry, and placed all the organizational items out for us. Veronika made sure to order extras in case anything extra was needed. This made our time together so much more useful. We were able to get so much more done with the prep work that was done ahead of time.

This pantry was a blast! We absolutely love these spice jars. We highly recommend decanting spices, and placing them in jars. If you're worried about back-stock (extra spice) simply place extra spices in a designated bin. We recommend writing the expiration date on the bottom of the jars!

Click the picture to view.

Click below for 30 oz jars.

We talked to Veronika about switching out her boxed/bagged goods into jars. We think it looks so much more aesthetically pleasing, and it's still functional.

Our wonderful client Veronika and the large size jars linked!

Also linking:

Gold Label Holders

Wicker Storage Baskets

Three section storage bin

Bamboo Shelving

Kitchen Labels

Spice Labels

Thanks for sticking around and reading our post! Special shoutout again to Veronika for helping us make this happen.

Happy organizing!


TOC Team

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